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Say goodbye to the paperwork of dealing with dozens of suppliers for each order

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How does Oico work?

We do the whole process for you!

We'll find what you need

Our team makes sure that everything is ok with your order and we get quotes from multiple local stores.

Get a quote and schedule delivery

You approve the final quote and we set a time and date for delivery. With Oico every delivery is fast, on-time, and on-site.

Control your spending and billing

We deliver your orders and give you access to your order history. Decide on your final invoice: to your company or straight to the end customer.

Place your first order
in less than 2 minutes

We approve your registration and in less than 5 clicks you send us your request.

We find the products, deliver a budget and schedule the delivery on site, all with the help of Oico experts.



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All items and stores in one place


Order history and status

1 user
per account


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All items and stores, in one place


Delivery management, Oico trusts only the best delivery services and ensures quality for you

Delivery tracking

1 cost and delivery report per month

Spending limits per user

 Net 30  payment terms

Dedicated account manager

 billing (to the buyer or end customer) 

Spending reports

Up to 3 users collaborating per account


Talk to us

All items and stores, in one place

Delivery by appointment

Delivery management, Oico trusts only the best deliver ers and manages all deliveries

Express deliveries, same day

Guaranteed return*

Unlimitedcustomized reports

Customized alerts on Slack and Whatsapp

Payment within 60 days, negotiable with each purchase

All orders are accompanied by your purchasing manager Oico

Priority processing of your purchase

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